Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Experience and qualifications of litigation staff

Muzaffar Mansoor qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and has over 20 years Post graduate Experience. He is also an experienced solicitor advocate (Civil).


In the vast majority of cases we are able to offer our clients an agreed fixed fee to prepare and submit their applications. However, in circumstances where this is not possible our fees will be calculated on the following hourly rates:

Hourly Rate

Muzaffar Mansoor –Senior Partner                £350.00           VAT £70.00    Total £420.00

Nida Mansoor – Senior Solicitor                    £350.00           VAT £70.00    Total £420.00

Ishfaq Ahmad (RFL)– Consultant                  £250.00           VAT £50.00    Total £300.00

Other trainees and Paralegal caseworkers      £120.00           VAT £24.00    Total £144.00

Administrative & Support Staff                     £80.00             VAT £16.00    Total £96.00


Dispute Resolution

Initial advice for 1 hour £100.00 Vat £20.00 Total £120.00

 Preparing documents and representation £350.00      VAT £70.00    Total £420.00.

 Subsequent letter £120.00      VAT £24.00    Total £144.00.

 Court Cases

Where cases lead to court action, our legal fees are as follows

Attendance at hearings listed for up to 1 hr £1000.00            VAT £200.00 Total £1200.00.

Preparing client statement £500.00    VAT £100.00 Total £600.00.

Consideration of opponent’s statements/reports £500.00      VAT £100.00 Total £600.00.

Instructing Counsel £500.00   VAT £100.00 Total £600.00.


You may have to pay court fees and barrister’s fees in addition to our fees.

Typical timescales and key stages

This will depend on the type of case and whether it is dealt with in the court, tribunal or another forum. The courts are usually extremely busy so it could be 12 months or more before your matter reaches a trial and conclusion. Tribunals are generally less busy and have a quicker turnaround time normally of between 4 to 10 months. The Litigation is generally unpredictable expensive and time consuming.