Lanlord & Tenant Pricing

Landlord & Tenant

Experience and qualifications

Muzaffar Mansoor qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and has over 20 years. He is also an experienced solicitor advocate (civil).


In the vast majority of cases we are able to offer our clients an agreed fixed fee to prepare and submit their applications. However, in circumstances where this is not possible our fees will be calculated on the following hourly rates:

Hourly Rate

Muzaffar Mansoor –Senior Partner                £350.00           VAT £70.00    Total £420.00

Nida Mansoor – Senior Solicitor                    £350.00           VAT £70.00    Total £420.00

Ishfaq Ahmad (RFL)– Consultant                  £250.00           VAT £50.00    Total £300.00

Other trainees and Paralegal caseworkers      £120.00           VAT £24.00    Total £144.00

Administrative & Support Staff                     £80.00             VAT £16.00    Total £96.00

Repossession Actions

At Dean Manson LLP Solicitors we offer the following fixed fees (inclusive of VAT and court fees) for each stage of tenant eviction up to and including the first and hopefully only one hearing court. Accordingly, as long as the claim is determined the first time it goes before a judge (and most claims are) then the fees you see below will be the fees you pay. Please note that the below does not apply to squatters or trespassers as they are not tenants, please see our squatters or trespassers page if you wish to evict these occupiers from your property or land.

Typical timescales and key stages

Stage 1 – Case review, £300.00

Whether you are evicting a tenant or tenants due to the expiry of the tenancy (under section 21) or due to rent arrears or other breach of tenancy (under section 8) you will need to initially consider and decide what route you wish or indeed can take. This decision will involve careful consideration of your situation and your paperwork. We are happy to meet with you at our offices to do this or alternatively the case can be reviewed from the paperwork you provide and after speaking with you. For case review £250.00 VAT £50.00 Total £300.00.

Stage 2 – Service of notice, £200.00

Once we have considered your case and you have decided how you wish to proceed you will then serve the relevant notice. For service of the notice £166.67 VAT £33.00 Total £200.00.

Stage 3 – Court Proceedings, £1500.00

Should your tenants fail to comply with the requirements of your notice you must bring your claim to Court to obtain an order for possession against your tenants. The cost of this stage includes any attendance necessary for the first, and hopefully only one hearing, consideration of the claim by a judge. For issue and progression of the claim up to the first consideration by the judge £954.17 VAT £190.83 and court fees £355.00 VAT (Nil) Total £1500.00.

If the claim is based upon rent arrears or some other breach of the tenancy, then the above quote is only offered in relation to rental properties located in various postcodes. Please discuss your matter in relation to location of the property.

Stage 4 – Eviction, £300.00

Although the Court would have made an order for possession the tenancy continues until it has been lawfully brought to an end by you via the execution of a valid warrant or writ of possession. To apply for a warrant of possession and organisation of the county court bailiffs and eviction day £250.00 VAT £50.00 Total £300.00 and court fees (based upon you or your agent attending the eviction and excluding the costs of any locksmiths/ if applicable.