Family Law

Family Law deals with injunctions to protect from domestic violence, molestation and divorces, including child protection, maintenance, financial division of property and assets following marriage breakdown.
Dean Manson LLP Solicitors deal with the following instances of family law we can help with:

  • • prenuptial agreements
  • • divorce
  • • arrangement of children
  • • domestic violence
  • • harassment
  • • injunctions
  • • will writing
  • • deed of trust
  • • estate administration
  • • obtaining the grant of probate of a will
  • • obtain the grant of letters of administration when someone dies without leaving a will

Divorce & Separation
Our solicitors undertake divorces, judicial separations and can prepare separation agreements. Our cases frequently have a foreign element and we act for many clients who are resident overseas. We also draw up pre-nuptial and cohabitation contracts.

We conduct a number of cases that involve domestic violence and act for both those who need an injunction and those who wish to oppose one.

Care Cases
We act for anyone involved with children’s social services. We conduct our own advocacy at all levels. As well as representing you at court, we can also attend child protection conferences with you. We can act for children, birth parents, adopters and any other person involved in adoption proceedings.

Financial & Property Settlements
We act in all financial matters following the breakdown of marriage. we can assist with child support agency applications on behalf of the mother or father including maintenance and property disputes. Financial claims following the breakdown of unmarried couples is also a specialty of the firm. We can also assist with the dissolution of civil partnerships.

Whilst we all wish and we all hope so earnestly that life and family relationships would follow the path of happiness, we all know that from time to time problems do occur. These are always sensitive and uncomfortable times that have to be addressed as best we can.

Our team at Dean Manson LLP Solicitors are always alive to these situations and recognise the delicacy and professionalism that must be applied to these situations whenever they arise. We have the skill and the expertise to handle these matters professionally, whether they involve children custody disputes, separation, attending to legal aspects if someone has passed away or any related matters. We are here to help and bring satisfaction.